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Piechowice 2017


The 20th workshop HEREDITARNIA 2017 held place in Hotel Las in Piechowice (Poland). 


Organising Committee:

W. Imrich (chair) and E. Sidorowicz


M. Borowiecka-Olszewska, M. Borowiecki, P. Borowiecki, D. Božovic, B. Brešar, E. Drgas-Burchardt, A. Drzystek, A. Fiedorowicz, W. Imrich, R. Kalinowski, A. Kelenc, S. Klavžar, I. Peterin, M. Pilśniak, G. Semanišin, E. Sidorowicz, M. Woźniak

Social program:

Annual General Assembly of Hereditarnia Club (R. Kalinowski became president of the Hereditarnia Club for the next year and Agata Drzystek and Monika Pilśniak became new memberes of the Hereditarnia Club).


September 22nd 2017

M. Borowiecki and I. Broere: 20 years of Hereditarnia

R. Kalinowski: Distinguishing colourings of graphs

G. Semanišin: Concepts and problems of Hereditarnia

M. Borowiecka-Olszewska: On perfect consecutively colourable graphs

September 23rd 2017

M. Borowiecki: The 1-2-3 conjecture for P-colourings

B. Brešar: Convex and isometric domination of classes of (chordal) graphs

A. Drzystek: D_1-sum-list colourings

I. Peterin: Cartesian products of directed graphs with loops

Workshop bulletin


22. August 2020

We regret to announce that our friend Izak Broere, one of the founding members of Hereditarnia Club, passed away at the age of 73.

21. June 2019

Roman Soták was elected to the next presidency of the Hereditarnia Club. 

1. January 2019

Iztok Peterin took the president office of the Hereditarnia Club. 

17. May 2012

The memorial seminar Hereditarnia of Peter Mihók was held on May 17th 2012.

27. March 2012

We regret to announce that our friend Peter Mihók, one of the founding members of Hereditarnia Club, passed away at the age of 62 after a long illness.