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Karpacz 2007

Karpacz 2007 lesny zamek

G. Basc'o, K. Balińska, P. Borowiecki, M. Borowiecki, E. Drgas-Burchardt, A. Fiedorowicz, M. Frick, M. Hałuszczak, J. Harant, S. Jendroľ, K. Jesse-Józefczyk, A. Kemnitz, M. Kubale, Z. Lonc, P. Mihók, D. Rautenbach,  I. Schiermeyer, G. Semanišin, E. Sidorowicz, Z. Skupień, E. Sopena, R. Soták, M. Sysło, Zs. Tuza, D.B. West, M. Wożniak, A.P Wojda
Main topics
colourings and generaliyed colourings
decompositions of graphs
H-reducible graph properties
M. Frick - Hamiltonicitz and traceabilitz of oriented graphs
Zs. Tuza - Recent results on hypergraph coloring
P. Mihók - Generalized Colouring and the Existence of Uniquely Colorable Graphs
E. Drgas-Burchards - Minimal forbidden subgraphs of H-reducible graph properties
E. Sidorowicz - On the decomposition of graphs
G. Semanišin - Strong Generators of Hom-Properties


21. June 2019

Roman Soták was elected to the next presidency of the Hereditarnia Club. 

1. January 2019

Iztok Peterin took the president office of the Hereditarnia Club. 

17. May 2012

The memorial seminar Hereditarnia of Peter Mihók was held on May 17th 2012.

27. March 2012

We regret to announce that our friend Peter Mihók, one of the founding members of Hereditarnia Club, passed away at the age of 62 after a long illness.