The 21th Workshop on Hereditary Graph Properties

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organized by

AGH University of Science and Technology, Krakow, Poland

Date: 24th November 2018 to 25th November 2018 (the workshop will start after Saturday breakfast and finish after Sunday breakfast)

Place: Hotel Beskidzki Raj, Stryszawa, Poland

Related event27th '3in1' Workshop, 21th-24th November 2018, Hotel Beskidzki Raj, Stryszawa, Poland

Organising Committee: 

Rafal Kalinowski (AGH University of Science and Technology, Krakow, Poland)

Scientific programme: The scientific program consists of invited lectures, contributed 20-minute talks, discussions, and joint work on open problems. The aim is to continue the cooperation of mathematicians dealing with hereditary or related properties of graphs.

It should also provide opportunities for the presentation of new results by students.

Social programme: The annual meeting of the Hereditarnia Club.

Invited speaker:  Iztok Peterin (University of Maribor and IMFM Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Workshop fee (accommodation, full board, banquet, coffee breaks): the total cost of the accommodation with full board in a single room is 520 PLN per person, and 420 PLN in a double room.

Registration: by email (including name, email address, and intention to present a talk) before November 7th

Program and participants:  will be added later

Contact: kalinows(at)


1. January 2019

Iztok Peterin took the president office of the Hereditarnia Club. 

24. November 2018

Iztok Peterin was elected to the presidency of the Hereditarnia Club. 

17. May 2012

The memorial seminar Hereditarnia of Peter Mihók was held on May 17th 2012.

27. March 2012

We regret to announce that our friend Peter Mihók, one of the founding members of Hereditarnia Club, passed away at the age of 62 after a long illness.